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CONTACT Goddess Chocolate IN PERSON

meet Me in private  #IRL

§  Do you want a private meeting with Me and My sexy size 10 feet?

§  Meetings are By Appointment Only and

§  you must be at least 21 years old to participate. 


FOR MY NEWBIES, I am a Goddess and when you want something from a Deity, you pray to them.  Go to  in the hopes that I will answer yours. And before you bombard Me with questions, see if yours is at   

FOR MY REGULARS, you already know how to contact Me so check your emails & your phones.


Get Vetted via Video chat

I know you can't wait to be in their position

meet Me in public  #IRL

As an alternative to Steps 2 & 3 above, you can also plan to attend a public event. Show up, introduce yourself and hope that I will want to keep you around.  


Meet a fetish model in real life, view My GCF Calendar of Events. I co-host events with the DC Chocolate Factory, Dinner with Dommes, Elite Fem Socials and many local foot parties. I also travel to attend some Fetish Conventions. 

meet Me for a convention


meet Me to serve Me  #IRL

Are you VUp material? Goddess Chocolate will let you know

I am always on the lookout for a Very Useful penis.

If you think you can be one of them, I want to use you. 

*gofer boy - Domestic servitude, online promotion, however you can be useful

*pedicure slave - Treat Me to a professional pedicure

 *footwear servant - Spoil Me with a new pair of shoes

*driver boy - Take Me to and from fetish events

**puppy - this isn't something you can apply for, I'll let you know if you qualify for this

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