CONTACT Goddess Chocolate IN PERSON

meet Me in public  #IRL

If you want to meet a fetish model in real life, view My GCF Calendar of Events. I attend local events with the DC Chocolate Factory, Dinner with Dommes, Elite Fem Socials and many local foot parties. I also travel to attend some Fetish Conventions. 

meet Me in private  #IRL

§  Do you want a private meeting with Me and My sexy size 10 feet? Meetings are By Appointment Only and you must be 21+ to participate. 


FOR MY NEWBIES, I am a Goddess and when you want something from a Deity, you pray to them.  Go to  in the hopes that I will answer yours. And before you bombard Me with questions, see if yours is at   

FOR MY REGULARS, you already know how to contact Me so check your emails & your phones

§  Want to make Me smile, surprise Me from My

I know you can't wait to be in their position

meet Me for a convention


meet Me to serve Me  #IRL

Are you VUp material? Goddess Chocolate will let you know

I am always on the lookout for a Very Useful penis.

If you think you can be one of them, I want to use you. 

*gofer boy - Domestic servitude, online promotion, however you can be useful

*pedicure slave - Treat Me to a professional pedicure

 *footwear servant - Spoil Me with a new pair of shoes

*driver boy - Take Me to and from fetish events

**puppy - this isn't something you can apply for, I'll let you know if you qualify for this

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Disclaimer:  This website contains adult material.  You are only allowed to view it if you agree to TERMS & CONDITIONS.  I am a fetish model.  My meetings involve Me modeling in a number of ways.  No sexual contact is involved but you still need to be at least 21 years of age to meet with Me.  If necessary, government ID may be needed to verify this.

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