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Goddess Chocolate's Wishlist

Finally!!!  A formal wishlist. It has already made it easier to get birthday and anniversary gifts from My fans.  As always, I have done it My way. Its simple. GC for GC...Gift Cards for Goddess Chocolate. Send them to

Come back often for updates or Bookmark... 

  • Fine & Exotic Chocolates (no mint though) 

  • More items coming soon . . .

Goddess Chocolate's Want list

Over the years, I have expressed many different things I've wanted to do or try.  Either in a post or ad or maybe told someone special.  Most of these things I have seen online or Tv or saw someone else do or experience.  Well, I've decided to keep a list.  Like a bucket list, but these are simply things I want to do or try and not necessarily just once.

  • Relax near a pool as 1 very buffed pool boi cleans it and another very buffed boi has a plate of grapes for Me. Oh yes, and with a third hot body massaging My feet. Yup, that's one scene I want to experience. 

  • I want one of you brave guys to let Me hit you as hard as I can. It doesn't have to be in the face.  But I'd prefer it.

  • Shopping spree where I'm spending your money (of course), but with you trailing behind Me, carrying My bags. 

  • I've always wanted to drive (not ride in) a convertible. So, if one of you generous gentleman have one, fork over the keys to the next fetish event.

  • I want someone to make it rain, right in front of Me. No, I don't want to shake My ass for it. Some of you have a little too much money and no idea what to do with it. I have a good idea for a skit. 

  • More items coming soon . . .

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