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Frequently Annoying Questions

Yes, these are annoying questions that you boys constantly ask because you have not done your research. FYI, I prefer dealing with boys that are a little self reliant. Or those that take time to do their research. If you cannot find your answers here, then CONTACT ME.

Where are you located?


This is annoying because most of My twitter posts, Calendar events & Fetlife events will tell you where I am. So, please don't respond to My main events in DC when you live like in California and are not visiting DC. That stands for District of Columbia. That is Washington, DC. The nations capital. The DMV for DC, MD, VA area.

Can we have sex or some other very personal thing I only do in My personal relationships?

This is mostly annoying because none of that is even advertised. I don't talk about it. There are no pictures of it, so clearly, I don't do that.

Can I call you Mistress?


This is annoying because nowhere on My website, twitter, tumblr, youtube, pinterest, fetlife, collarspace or in any of My emails, do you see Me address Myself as Mistress in front of Chocolate. So, no.


Can I worship your feet?


Can you guess why this is annoying? If you have come to My website to submit a question or have sent Me a Dm via Twitter and don't know I model My feet for foot fetish fun, then, you aren't that perceptive and will likely get on My damn nerves.


Do we have to meet first... Do I have to send a deposit... Do I really have to show ID?


These types of questions are annoying because you are asking Me something I told you, you have to do.  Do you ask HR if an interview is necessary for a job? Do you ask Wyndham if their deposit is really mandatory? Do you go to any government building and ask security if you really have to show your ID? Those are My rules or those of the venue and yes you have to follow them if you want to meet with Me.    


Goddess Chocolate's Answers

Private Meeting FAQ's

Where is your location? When are you available? Can you come to me?  

I do NOT have a regular location to host and I do NOT have regular availability. When I do get in the mood to host private meetings, #FeetMeet days, it will only be for My regulars, those I've met in-person or Webcam/virtual meetings. If you are able to host in the DC, MD, VA area, you will be contacted first. Meetings are By Appointment Only. 

Any plans to travel to (insert your city/state)?

If you want Me to visit your city, all you have to do is pay for it. Maybe you didn't see Chocolate's Charities. Goddess Without Borders charity is where you can sponsor a trip for Me to travel to you. 

⚠️ Update: Until covid is under control, I am not traveling out DC, MD, VA area. 

What are your rates? I saw your rates on this site, are they the same? 

As circumstances change, so does My tribute. All stated amounts are special for that particular date and time. I have been around for a while and have advertised on many different sites over the years. Current tributes will be provided to My vetted followers during booking. 

What happens in a session with you?


This cannot be answered with one general answer because everybody who prays to Me has different interests. After you,  it is used as a guide for what you will experience. However, you will not get everything you prayed for at the initial meeting. When we meet, we'll have a brief chat about your prayer, your expectations and the rules. you present your tribute and we begin.  



Will you be naked/nude?


No. you do NOT have that privilege of seeing Me in My raw Goddess form. And you will NOT earn that privilege. For what reason? We will NOT be having sex. 


Do you force masturbating? 

I don't really FORCE anything. That's such a serious and possibly dangerous word. However, some have found My persuasion techniques to be quite irresistible. 


Do you do golden and brown showers?


I'll list some things I do NOT participate in.

1. No ass play, including brown showers and pegging. I don't want to deal with poo/excrement/feces. 

2. No real blood play. There's too many life-threatening risks involved. But fake blood is ok. 

3. No extensive breath denial play. Again, too many life-threatening risks. Booty smothering is ok.


Do you spank? trample? kick? punch? etcccccc?

This is why everyone must  before meeting with Me. While you are praying to Me, My interests are revealed to you. 

Feet FAQ's

Describe your feet?


I have a pair of sexy size 10 feet with a normal arch. While I have described them as soft, they're actually in between soft and a bit rough. But I've been told that helps with feeling. My lovely feet pressed ever so softly against your face. They are also wide width, measuring 4 inches across. There's nothing petite about them or Me. Ok..fine.. I have big ebony feet. 



How did you get started as a foot fetish model?


Craigslist..where else! I was browsing unknown sections and one day I came across an ad for foot models. I took pictures of My pedis, sent them to the poster and waited for a response. When I got one, I was invited to a foot party. I met with the host, discussed party details and had so much fun meeting interesting people, attending foot parties and more. 


Are your feet naturally sweaty and stinky?


Honestly, My feet are only sweaty if I've been walking a lot and after I exercise. I change My socks and shoes up so often that nothing really lingers. However, there are exceptions. This doesn't apply to My favorite pair of socks to wear around the house (because a foot Goddess shouldn't be barefoot for too long) and My favorite pairs of closed-toe shoes. Those with a stinky foot or shoe fetish should contact Me a few days in advance so I can build up My stinky feet signature scent.


Do you have ticklish feet?


When I started, I did not have ticklish feet. Quite frankly, I still don't. But...this one time at band camp...ok it was a foot party. I met a tickle master of sorts. I told him the same thing...that I do not have ticklish feet. Since he was an ebony foot lover, I let him try anyway. It took some time, but after 20 minutes or so, My feet felt ticklish. But there was a good deal of sensitizing to do. So to all those with a tickle fetish, you're going to have to put in a little muscle work first. 


How do you care for your feet?

Weekly, if not daily maintenance is key. I moisturize twice a day, even if I'm not meeting someone. I don't walk around barefoot--ever. Correction, I only walk barefoot when I'm trampling someone. I have all types of pedicure tools to do touch-ups in between spa visits. But the most important thing I do to care for My feet is NOT WEARING TIGHT SHOES. I don't care how beautiful and shiny they there, if they're going to create bunions, corns and misshape My feet, then I'll leave them for the ugly foot people.  


Legs FAQ's

How long are your legs? How tall are you?


I stand at 5'8" and My lovely lengthy long pair of legs account for 39" of it.


Do you shave or wax your legs?


I shave My legs, very very carefully. The key is to open up the pores so the hair isn't ripped out when shaving. To do this, I moisturize before I get in the shower to shave. The water/oil combo does the job. 


Do you prefer pantyhose or stockings?


Both are great but for different reasons. Pantyhose are very thin and great for when I want that elegant look. Stockings, on the other hand, to Me are great in helping Me feel sexier than I already am. But ignoring all of that, I prefer to be free and go barelegged. The complete opposite of My feet.    



What is your favorite type of hosiery to wear on your long legs?

Although you can't tell from My pictures, I like fishnet stockings the most. Rather any type of fishnet garment. They have a different allure about them. They're comfortable, sexy and versatile. I can wear them for a fetish photo shoot, going to a party or as part of a Halloween costume.  



Other Fetish FAQ's

Do you have a fetish?


I didn't think I did. Over the years, I have found out what a few of them are. One of My fetishes involve getting stuff for doing absolutely nothing. I love it, of course. But finding out how to do it gives Me a thrill. Another one involves a a nice rock hard.... Guess you'll have to meet Me to find out. 


Do you model nude?


I have modeled nude before but nothing that you're going to see on here Or when meeting with Me. What for... We will NOT be having sex? 


What is your favorite color?


I'm partial to red, for intensity & black, just because its so versatile. As for hair, I like to model various hues.

What happens when you get angry with a sub?


I had one boy ask Me this last month. Maybe he had some delusion of getting a Domme angry so She can really beat up on him, but it doesn't work like that for Me. If you get Me angry, if you waste My time, if you are too incompetent and piss Me off, I will place you on My Fakers & Flakers List. It's My DO NOT CONTACT list and once you have been placed on it, you will need to PAY A TAX to get off of it. 

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