Disclaimer:  This website contains adult material.  You are only allowed to view it if you agree to TERMS & CONDITIONS.  I am a fetish model.  My meetings involve Me modeling in a number of ways.  No sexual contact is involved but you still need to be at least 21 years of age to meet with Me.  If necessary, government ID may be needed to verify this.

Goddess Chocolate, Leg Model

I like to show off My long silky legs, usually in a pair of pumps, but sometimes, I like to model them in fishnet stockings. And sometimes, I like to wrap them around someone's neck and squeeze.

Legs FAQ's

How long are your legs? How tall are you?


I stand at 5'8" and My lovely lengthy long pair of legs account for 39" of it.


Do you shave or wax your legs?


I shave My legs, very very carefully. The key is to open up the pores so the hair isn't ripped out when shaving. To do this, I moisturize before I get in the shower to shave. The water/oil combo does the job. 


Do you prefer pantyhose or stockings?


Both are great but for different reasons. Pantyhose are very thin and great for when I want that elegant look. Stockings, on the other hand, to Me are great in helping Me feel sexier than I already am. But ignoring all of that, I prefer to be free and go barelegged. The complete opposite of My feet.    



What is your favorite type of hosiery to wear on your long legs?

Although you can't tell from My pictures, I like fishnet stockings the most. Rather any type of fishnet garment. They have a different allure about them. They're comfortable, sexy and versatile. I can wear them for a fetish photo shoot, going to a party or as part of a Halloween costume.  



Interview with the Goddess

If there is anything you want to know about the Goddess Chocolate's Legs, all you have to do is ask.

Goddess Chocolate's Leg Fetish Video Clips

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