Disclaimer:  This website contains adult material.  You are only allowed to view it if you agree to TERMS & CONDITIONS.  I am a fetish model.  My meetings involve Me modeling in a number of ways.  No sexual contact is involved but you still need to be at least 21 years of age to meet with Me.  If necessary, government ID may be needed to verify this.

Goddess Chocolate, Foot Model

Feet FAQ's

Describe your feet?


I have a pair of sexy size 10 feet with a normal arch. While I have described them as soft, they're actually in between soft and a bit rough. But I've been told that helps with feeling. My lovely feet pressed ever so softly against your face. They are also wide width, measuring 4 inches across. There's nothing petite about them or Me. Ok..fine.. I have big ebony feet. 



How did you get started as a foot fetish model?


Craigslist..where else! I was browsing unknown sections and one day I came across an ad for foot models. I took pictures of My pedis, sent them to the poster and waited for a response. When I got one, I was invited to a foot party. I met with the host, discussed party details and had so much fun meeting interesting people, attending foot parties and more. 


Are your feet naturally sweaty and stinky?


Honestly, My feet are only sweaty if I've been walking a lot and after I exercise. I change My socks and shoes up so often that nothing really lingers. However, there are exceptions. This doesn't apply to My favorite pair of socks to wear around the house (because a foot Goddess shouldn't be barefoot for too long) and My favorite pairs of closed-toe shoes. Those with a stinky foot or shoe fetish should contact Me a few days in advance so I can build up My stinky feet signature scent.


Do you have ticklish feet?


When I started, I did not have ticklish feet. Quite frankly, I still don't. But...this one time at band camp...ok it was a foot party. I met a tickle master of sorts. I told him the same thing...that I do not have ticklish feet. Since he was an ebony foot lover, I let him try anyway. It took some time, but after 20 minutes or so, My feet felt ticklish. But there was a good deal of sensitizing to do. So to all those with a tickle fetish, you're going to have to put in a little muscle work first. 


How do you care for your feet?

Weekly, if not daily maintenance is key. I moisturize twice a day, even if I'm not meeting someone. I don't walk around barefoot--ever. Correction, I only walk barefoot when I'm trampling someone. I have all types of pedicure tools to do touch-ups in between spa visits. But the most important thing I do to care for My feet is NOT WEARING TIGHT SHOES. I don't care how beautiful and shiny they there, if they're going to create bunions, corns and misshape My feet, then I'll leave them for the ugly foot people.  


Interview with the Goddess

If there is something you want to know about the Goddess Chocolate's Feet or Footwear, all you have to do is ask.

Goddess Chocolate, Amateur Actress

Links | Foot Fetish, (Coming Soon) Shoe Fetish, Sock Fetish 

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Goddess Chocolate's feet look good from the top, the bottoms and the side.